Natural Body Man empowers world-class leadership using simple effective holistic strategies and systems for Practical Education, in the Global Personal Training & Fitness Industry. We are committed to such high standards because it enhances the quality of human life impeccably.


Natural Body Man is a leading holistic Nationally Accreditated Personal Training Certification Agency. World Renown for continually carving the path for: & Advantage Nutrient Timing, Seasonal Athletic Periodization, providing the Highest Standards in Injury Prevention. Just as the Ancient Spartan Greeks mastered the philosophy of warrior-ship, our trainers skillfully lead their clients to the best route with minimal risk.

When administering the Natural Body 8 point program design system Natural Body Trainers are easily, efficiently, & effectively prescribing the right exercises - nutrition - & physical activities plan. These are one of the many talents Natural Body Trainers are distinguished by. We have a flawless skill set. &. We sharpen the saw by educating the Natural Body Team how to create TRUE - SOLID - CHAMPIONS of your clients, business executives, athletes, teams, boot-camps, & group fitness classes. The Personal trainer lifestyle is not just a job,... it is the only way to LIVE!

Natural Body Man continues to provide holistic health support in cutting edge research & exercise demonstration workshops in the U.S.A., Western Europe, South Asia, Northern Indonesia, Australia, & New Zealand.