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We are a Nationally & Internationally Recognized Personal Training Certification Agency that provides the latest up to date holistic exercise information. Natural Body Man educates our Personal Trainers using valid & reliable scientific tested approaches that are natural & most appropriate for a real world setting. Understanding how to prescribe a proper exercise and nutritional prescription for the specific individual you are working with is one of our many passions.



To empower world-class leadership using simple effective holistic strategies & systems for Practical Education in the Global Personal Training & Fitness Industry. We are committed to such high standards because it enhances the quality of human life impeccably.


Creating Holistic Leadership in Practical Education Empowerment for Personal Training & related Specializations



1 - We holistically lead our trainers to share the Best Quality of instruction.

2 - We are stronger together sharing our holistic approach to the world.

3 - We are a team. We work together to deliver the Best Client experience anywhere.

4 - We always provide 1st class service.

5 - We like to have Fun, creating Natural Body Trainers through personal development.

6 - We enroll happy positive energy students.

7 - We practice instructional training that minimizes the chance of injury.

8 - We encourage natural organic food sources.

9 - We love ANTS! A - Advantage N - Nutrient T - Timing S - Supplementation


Head Exercise Science Professor: Christopher Carr

Professional Personal Trainer & Public Speaker over 20 years

Trained 1,000's of clients including: Professional Super Star Athletes, Amateur Competitors, Elite Business Professionals, Seniors, Overweight & Obese Populations, Youth Camps, MMA competitors, Average Folks, etc...

Creator Of

The Natural Body Beach Workout Boot Camp for Champs 2006 to Present

Natural Body Man - 2002 to Present

Natural Healthy People "Healthy Habits Training" 2007 to Present

Public Speaker - 2001 to Present

Hollywood Weight Loss Fun Beach Camp

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Master's Degree - Strength & Conditioning (FAU)

Bachelor's Degree - Exercise Science & Healthy Wellness Promotion (FAU)

Licensed & Certified In

Natural Body Man Master Trainer - N.B.M. & 10+ Certifications in Exercise Discipline